Professor Weerasooriya and the Heart Rhythm Clinic team work closely with cardiothoracic surgeons to offer innovative surgical solutions for patients who require more intensive intervention.

The HyCASA (Hybrid Catheter Ablation and Surgical Ablation) procedure is called hybrid as it is a collaboration between a specialist cardiac electrophysiologist and a cardiac surgeon. The goal of the HyCASA is to return the patient’s heart back to normal sinus rhythm. Most patients considered for HyCASA will have persistent AF or will have failed previous attempts at PVI procedures.

For more information see our HyCASA booklet

The AtriClip is a permanent heart implant which effectively reduces the risk of stroke and provides an alternative to blood thinners in highly selected patients. The AtriClip implant is designed to permanently close off the left atrial appendage and keep those blood clots from escaping.

For more information see our booklet on AtriClip