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Professor Weerasooriya has developed a team-based approach to deal with the complexity and potential risks of managing patients with heart rhythm problems. The team includes dedicated electrophysiology technicians, physician assistants, specific cardiac catheter laboratory nurses and we work with  anaesthetists who all have expertise in arrhythmia procedures.
Each member of the team is highly trained and experienced. Because arrhythmia procedures can be some of the most complex procedures in cardiology, we have adopted risk management strategies from the aviation industry including the routine use of checklists and a ‘no blame’ reporting and closed-loop communication policy.
Professor Rukshen Weerasooriya

Professor Weerasooriya is a UWA graduate (BMedSci (Hons) 1994, MBBS 1995) who completed cardiology training at Royal Perth Hospital. Rukshen commenced private atrial fibrillation ablation procedures in 2003 after returning from 2 years training overseas at the world’s leading centre for AF ablation – the Hopital Cardiologique du Haut Leveque in Bordeaux, France. AF ablation was pioneered and subsequently developed for mainstream application by the cardiac electrophysiologists in Bordeaux. 
Rukshen is a Clinical Professor of Medicine at UWA and has maintained close links with both UWA and he holds a position as visiting scientist at the LIRYC Institute of advanced cardiac arrhythmia mapping in Bordeaux (www.ihu-liryc.fr). Rukshen has sub-speciality training in all aspects of heart rhythm management.
International Expert Advisory Board of the Heart Rhythm Clinic

The International Expert Advisory Board represents some of the world’s most experienced electrophysiologists in the field of AF ablation. The panel provides expert advice and consultation to Professor Weerasooriya regarding complex or technically challenging cases. Members of the panel regularly visit Perth to undertake clinical work, quality assurance/audit, research and teaching in collaboration with HRC.
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Our friendly reception staff are your first point of contact for any queries you may have. Alyssa and Marlies are here to help you to ensure that you have a smooth patient journey with HRC, from booking your initial consultation through to your discharge date.