Professor Weerasooriya has been actively involved in cardiac arrhythmia research since 1991 and has continuously published papers and presented at national and international meetings. Professor Weerasooriya has co-authored more than 100 peer-reviewed articles about cardiac arrhythmia management, including in the New England Journal of Medicine (2015) and The Lancet (2015). See a list of Professor Weerasooriya’s publications here.  (enter ‘Weerasooriya R’ in the search window).
Medicine advances as a result of our natural curiosity to make sense of clinical problems. At the Heart Rhythm Clinic, we believe that the direct translation of research findings to the clinical management of patients is critical to the modern practice of medicine and this is proven by our track record of continuous innovation to improve outcomes for our patients. All research undertaken at Heart Rhythm Clinic is undertaken in accordance with Good Clinical Practice Guidelines ( and is cleared by the relevant ethical oversight.

HRC is currently involved in several research projects relating to heart rhythm problems and Professor Weerasooriya is always happy to discuss research and new developments with patients. When appropriate, patients will be invited by Professor Weerasooriya to participate in research projects.

Further information about Professor Weerasooriya’s academic qualifications can be found at: